Up Close: Sickness, Insecurity & Adulting (I'm Back!)

Hi Guys! 

My last blog post was literally made on March 5th and if my math is correct that is (-counts in head-) over 7 MONTHS ago! To be honest, in these 7 months from my perspective my blog was shut down! I refused to post anything, I refused to even visit the page because I gave up on myself as a blogger and piled up all my doubts and insecurities with the convenience of being busy into one ball and said f*** this! I convinced myself and my friends and family that I fell out of love with blogging and no longer wanted to do it anymore! Well, seven months, one graduation, one job, several events, a 'separation', sickness, tears and a few smiles later, I'M BACKKKKKK

I won't go into every intricate detail of what happened to me over the past few months but I was the happiest I've ever been while being extremely empty at some points. I had exams (killed it), started a new job in July (killing it, I hope), adulting (killing me), graduation, hopes and dreams and I just felt like LIFE WAS MOVING SO QUICKLY! So I took a social media detox, a blog detox, spent some time reading a few books (including the Bible) and found a little more clarity. In the midst of the chaos and while finding clarity I realised a few things, some of which I've listed below.


Nobody Has it All Figured Out

The other day I had a talk with one of my bosses and she said "You know, I'm trying this adulting thing today but it's so hard!" and I said to her "What do you mean?" and she said "every day is a struggle, when you think you have it figured out, life comes at you fast! No one has it figured out!" DING DING DING! I immediately had an internal conversation with myself and realised this whole time I was being too hard on myself! Yes, be goal oriented and work towards all these things you like but you have to realize life is like a box of chocolates (and sometimes you even get an empty box) so take it day by day and realize we're all trying to figure it out! 

Adulting is Monopoly with Real Money and Real Consequences

Honestly, truly! I remember playing monopoly and I would get a "get out of jail free card" or I would buy all these properties then spend this money and end up bankrupt! Life is exactly like that so don't mess around. Thank goodness for a "get out of jail free card" every now and then in life (where you did something and your friend bailed you out/it wasn't as bad as you thought) and thank goodness for the bankers who will loan us a dollar here or there but life is REAL!

Take Care of Yourself: Physically X Mentally

Simple: Eat properly, Drink lots of water, Don't eat what you're not supposed to (this is for me really), Take care of your skin, don't indulge in things or people who make you unhappy, protect your mental space, SHINE!

Celebrate the Highs, Appreciate the Lows

Every week I say "What a year this week has been!". 2017 is PACKED with high highs and low lows, I mean I graduated from Law School for crying out loud but some days felt like I was about to lose all my marbles . In all of that I learned, CELEBRATE the highs! You got a promotion or you're happy about something, RIDE THE WAVE because in a second you can have a low, and you must appreciate that low for what it is! 


I took the time I needed and now, with clarity of thought, I want to share with you guys on a very intimate level re: my life and style! So, welcome back and I hope WE enjoy this leg of the journey together! Here are some pics from some of the highlights of my life while I was off the blogizzle! Until next time (which will be very soon), walk good! 

2017-09-30 11.19.58 1.jpg