5 Lessons Learned: Bloggerversary!

Hey Guys.

First of all, Happy Heroes Day to my fellow Jamaicans (it's about time we have a new hero right? Usain Bolt lol). Anyway, Last month I celebrated the one year anniversary of RushCamStyle, my blog, creative release, side job and best friend. I received so much assistance from those around me: friends and family and fellow bloggers in the Caribbean Blogger-sphere. Throughout the year the three most frequently asked questions I've received have been: "Why do you blog?" ....(Answer: Because I want to). SO, I thought of sharing six very important life lessons I learned in this process and I'm sure I'll learn so much more. 

1.  NOBODY GIVES A ______

You may fill in the blank with whatever word you find suitable. The point is, nobody cares! Ofcourse your best friend may care or some of your closest friends but generally speaking, blogging is a self-fueled industry and if you're depending on other people to give you the drive. . .it will not happen. It's unfortunate that even after years of being influential, bloggers have to fight to prove their worth to major fashion magazines such as Vogue. Imagine how difficult it is to prove your worth to  traditional family members or critics. However this belief that "nobody cares" fuels you to be great (then you realize, . . .they care).


This is a simple equation I'm still learning.

Run out of your lane and you will be disqualified. This is a one man race. You have to run your own distance. You have your own finish line. You are ONLY allowed to compare yourself to your younger self (and that is if you are dying to compare yourself to someone).


One of my biggest misconceptions about blogging was that, I'll always be happy once I have my clothes, photos and laptop to tell stories on. . . LIES! The lesson that life is not about present happiness hit me when I realized that blogging or anything you're committed to for that matter, is not about a "good feeling" in the present but accepting that you have something to do and doing it. The difference is that you LOVE that thing. They say if you do what you love, you would not have worked a day in your life but they didn't say you would be happy every day, doing what you love

....do it anyway.


When you put yourself out there, people from all walks of life, with different faces from different places approach you. They say good things and bad things to you and behind you...be kind always. Someone DMs me and says "hey I like your blog", my first reaction is not "WHY ARE YOU MESSAGING ME?" instead it's "Thanks. I appreciate it". Draw a line when it gets inappropriate but be kind always! Someone says they don't think you deserve to be where you are, don't acknowledge them, be kind.


Use people. What a disgusting thing to say! USE PEOPLE? Yes. Make connections and use the people around you to meet new people and broaden your horizon. Use people to tell you if your photos or posts look good or not. Use people to take your photographs when your usual persons aren't present and lastly ALLOW PEOPLE TO USE YOU! Let them ask you your opinion on their outfit or ask you to judge a pageant. Your greatest resource other than yourself will be those around you! 


Thank you guys for support over the past year! We've grown together and I know it will continue to be a great relationship between us as I share creative content with you! Stay close for the end of year excitement! I promise it will be worthwhile! 

I HOPE you guys enjoyed this ! Until next time, Keep Safe and have a great week! 

Get Up! Dress Up! Show Up!