5 Ways Witch Hazel Will Change Your Life

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Anyway, on to the bigger and more important matters, there are some things you learn about and you wanna share it with the entire world. One of those things for me is, WITCH HAZEL. During high school when I was in love and acne ridden, a friend of mine (aka an Ex LMAO) introduced me to a witch hazel gel one evening. I was like "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? ....witch? ...hazel?" With pure hesitation I decided to use it on my face after coming from the barbershop and then and there I realized...this is GOLD

But then we broke up (...no not me and witch hazel) and my one tube of witch hazel gel would be all I had until I found the same gel in the pharmacy or a reasonable alternative. So little by little, I used the witch hazel and about a year later it was DONE! No, I didn't find the  gel ever again but I found witch hazel in its purest form at Earth Elements Jamaica. I'll tell you this much, I used it in ways I'd never imagine and oh yes, it changed my life. Here are the 5 Ways I KNOW Witch Hazel Changed my life and will change your life based on its uses! 

1. Astringent

If you have acne-prone skin, as a natural astringent, Witch Hazel reduces inflammation, swelling and redness. It also improves the appearance of the skin if you have oily skin. It takes away excess oil and balances pH levels of your skin and gives your face a fresh look while maintaining the moisture. If you pick your face often (like me), witch hazel is great when applied to the face as it soothes the skin and dries up the cut and turns it into a scab in no time.

You're thinking, so what makes it different from any normal skin care product? The little things. It's all natural, odourless, doesn't have additives. Many other products can't say that! How Witch Hazel will . . .change your life!

2. Razor Burn Relief 

As stated, Witch Hazel soothes burns and cuts so, I use it every time I leave the barber! Along my hairline, on my face, practically any place the razor touches, my witch hazel brushes! (Poetry LMAO). Seriously though, I've recommended it to friends with serious razor bumps and it has helped their skin tremendously! Try it, I promise you. Another way witch hazel will. . .change your life!

3. Brighten Around the Eyes 

I've shared before my secret of using ice to brighten around the eyes (here)  and reduce the puffyness. Witch Hazel is also perfect in solving this remedy. Remember the agents of witch hazel reduce inflammation above and below the surface. So knowing this, I did some research and found out that using it around the eyes will DRAMATICALLY reduce puffyness

Here's what you do:

1. You simply use a cotton ball 2. Soak it in witch hazel (probably you should put it in the fridge since the temperature already helps with the tightening of the skin). 3. When you've soaked the cotton balls, close your eyes and 4. leave the pads on your eyelids, you will notice a huge difference! Another way witch hazel will. . .change your life!

4. Sunburn Therapy 

FIRST OF ALL, I've BEEN telling you guys to wear your sunscreen so, in truth, this shouldn't happen to RushCamStyle readers. But let's say you're late to the game, if you encounter a sunburn, the cooling and healing properties which would help you with a razor burn will remedy the sunburn also! Another way witch hazel will. . .change your life!

5. Oral Health 

I didn't know this to be honest but I'll tell you a quick story. I have a bad habit of talking when I eat, and with that comes CONSTANT cuts on the inside of my mouth along my cheeks. I usually apply hydrogen peroxide which fixes is it in a reasonable amount of time. Well, once, I ran out of hydrogen peroxide and I needed a solution ASAP.

So, I did research and there it was, my trusted witch hazel! It can be used to treat oral bruises as well as damaged gums or a sore throat IF IT DOES NOT CONTAIN ALCOHOL (like mine). In any event, do not swallow! 


See guys, I'm telling you witch hazel can CHANGE your life. One product can do it all for you. You can get a bottle of witch hazel at any pharmacy, drug or beauty store! Try it and let me know how it goes :) 

See you next time, thanks for reading! 

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-RushCam :)