4 Ways to Use Green Tea for the Skin

Hey Guys! 

How is everyone doing? I hope you're well! Can you imagine we're almost at the end of February? Wow, time is flying by. I was just saying "Happy New Year!" couple days ago and now we're approaching Ash Wednesday! WOW.

Some how, February and March are usually VERY busy months for me, its ridiculous (well maybe it's because exams are usually in April/May) lol. The busier I am, the more committed I become to my tasks (as I write this post at 3 am) but also, the busier I become, the more difficult it is to keep my skin looking fresh, hydrated and taken care of. If I'm not careful, I look like I've been out every night and people say the dreaded "You look so tired" line. This is also the case for my friends out there who will be enjoying the Carnival Season in Trinidad this week into next week and those who will be doing Carnival in Jamaica. . . you will be TIRED and tired inside means tired outside! So, in an effort to maintain your fresh look I bring you...-drumroll- GREEN TEA! 

General Benefits of Green Tea!

x Weight Loss x Relaxation x Blood Pressure x Tooth Decay x The List Goes on and on and on

Ways to Use Green Tea for The Skin!

I will show you how Green Tea can be used to get fresher and brighter looking skin from you pour it into the cup to when you're about to discard of it in the bin! (Look at me rhyming again!)


Drinking green tea helps internally and as I said a good inside makes a great outside. Green Tea is rich with anti-oxidants and flushes your system of a lot of its toxins. Also, green tea relaxes you! Which means that if you are stressed out and you have stress lines, when you drink green tea and feel relaxed and take a nap, you will wake up feeling better and LOOKING better as well! If I'm honest though, I'll tell you guys that I don't drink it very often because of its weight loss benefits and as you can see I REALLY cannot afford to lose anymore weight lol! 


Okay, so you guys know that when it comes to a fresher face and reducing inflammation, EVERYTHING is better cold. I remember telling you that if you apply your witch hazel cold, it is even more beneficial. The same applies for green tea! It already has anti-inflammatory properties and so you could ordinarily apply it to the skin or you could do what I did: Allow it to cool then move it into a container (ideally an ice tray) and place in the freezer. When it's frozen you could rub it over your skin right before heading out on the road, pat dry and moisturize! If you can't bother with the hassle of freezing, you could place it in the fridge and apply the cold tea with a cotton pad!


Having drank the green tea and used some of its contents in the freezer, you can also save the tea bags, place them in the fridge and then use under your eyes to reduce puffyness, the swollen look and BAGS! Green Tea's properties would reduce the bags under your eyes and also the cold temperature of the bags would tighten your skin and pores under your eyes giving you a WOKE look! 


No. . .it's not marijuana! Having used the green tea bags under your eyes, you can ALSO use the inside of the tea bag (ie the TEA leaves) as a scrub for your body! Some prefer to mix it with honey or lime or yogurt but I prefer to use it as is. Thinking of all the properties of green tea, it tightens your skin and it gives you that extra GLOW! 

Guys, TRY IT! Even if you just drink Green Tea and use the bags under your eyes, you would see the benefit! Let me know how it goes! Remember to follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

See you next time, thanks for reading! 

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-RushCam :)