SKINSecurity Series: My Best Friend Jeneque's Story!

Hey guys! 

We continue on this SKINSecurity Series and I thought I'd expose you guys to someone really close to home! So those who know me well, know that one of my closest closest friends is Jeneque Pinnock! She is the definition of confidence, grace and BEAUTY, inside and out and I knew that as someone who puts herself out there on social media and recently in Miss Jamaica World, there is PRESSURE to look amazing all the time! So I said hmmm, Jeneque, tell us about YOUR SKINsecurity! Here's what she shared:

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I was introduced to the SKINsecurity series from inception, having weighed in on the name during Rushane’s brainstorming phase. Soon after followed his request for me to take part and share my story… I immediately froze (I never shared this feeling with him, until now). I honestly felt a bit anxious, nervous and well, insecure about talking about my own battles with my skin and my journey to accepting it. But, here goes!


I have long struggled with eczema. One of my first memories is sitting in my dermatologist’s office as a little girl, as I would frequently visit for check-ins. I remember the frustration that came with having to deal with the itching, redness and blotchy skin that my eczema dealt out without remorse. As I grew older, the pains of puberty added acne to the mix - double whammy.

As a teenage girl coming into her womanhood, my skin was always my biggest insecurity; and the frequently observed whispers, harsh comments and intrusive questions didn’t do much to quell those feelings. After all, our skin is our largest organ, we wear it everyday - which makes it impossible to hide from the problem.

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I would have bouts of GREAT SKIN when my dermatologist’s prescriptions seemed to be agreeing with me and then I would bounce right back. It was emotionally draining, to put it lightly and took a toll on my self esteem. To be honest, my SKINsecurity was at the root of my reluctance to audition for Miss Jamaica - it took years for me to reach a stage of confidence in my OWN skin.

But anyhoo, enough background info. Here’s how I’ve been doing better at this SKINcare thing…


1. water. Water.. And more WATER

I literally stopped drinking juice, soda, anything manufactured; I only drank water… and white wine (and rum, occasionally). I kid you not, my skin started to blossom within weeks.

2. Assess Your Diet

Some of the best skin I’ve ever had was while I was competing in Miss Jamaica World 2017, simply because I paid keen attention to what I put into my body. I ate a lot less meat and practically no rice, more vegetables, beans, legumes and ground provisions - I was pretty much eating vegetarian meals about 3 times per week. The change in diet worked wonders for my skin!

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3. Invest in SKINcare

Whether it’s getting facials, stocking up on that turmeric mask that’s all the rave now or visiting a dermatologist, achieving healthy skin takes time and dedication. Once my dermatologist and I were able to find the right formula that works for me, my skin benefitted tremendously.

(FAQ: Who’s your dermatologist? - I have been to Dr. Fitz-Henley from my eye deh a knee and recently started going to Dr. Patricia Yapp. Both are incredible.)

4. Sunscreen is a MUST

“Black people don’t need sunscreen” - Stop this nonsense! I love a golden tan as much as the next girl, but you better get that SPF.

5. Always remove your makeup

No matter how poppin’ that contour is, you NEED to wipe it off before bed. Wearing excessive makeup and for extended periods of time is a sure way to clog your pores and lead to breakouts and irritation. It’s not worth it. Break out the wipes, boo.

6. Work it Out

I’ve found that consistent exercise helps to keep my skin healthy. There’s something about busting a good sweat that not only releases endorphins but also gives you a certain glow.

7. Lay Off The Dairy

Who doesn’t love cheese?! But unless you’re a baby calf, you’re most likely lactose intolerant. The fact is that milk contains components related to the hormone testosterone that may stimulate oil glands in the skin, setting the stage for acne and irritation. After cutting back on my dairy consumption, I noticed some skin improvements.

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8. Accept it.

Yup, you’ve got to accept that while your skin will improve, it may never be perfect. I still have periods of blotchiness or a breakout here or there, but the key is to not overthink it. We’re human. It happens. Once you project confidence, that’s what will be noticed and remembered.

I hope you can appreciate my vulnerability here and perhaps, I was able to help in some small way.

Until next time,


Thanks so much Jeneque!