5 Summer 2016 Favourites!

Hey Guys,

Summer 2016 is over (-queues sad music-) but like every other Summer, it was something to remember. It was one of the hottest Summers EVER, one of the most hectic Summers for me (I don't wanna do this adulting thing anymore) but it was really fun and I got to try a lot of new things, experience self-growth and develop new habits (no more Miss World answers I promise). So, I thought I'd share my favourites from Summer with you here on this Blog! 

Oh, by the way, if you haven't noticed, my blog days are now: Mondays AND Thursdays! Which means more content for you, more chatterboxing and photographing for me and more sharing for us. Anyway, enough of the mumbojumbo, let's get started! 

1. ICE

Yes you're still on the right website and yes I said ice but not for your summer drink....for the skin! This summer one of my FAVOURITE things to use was ice. Not only did it help me with my drinks but it definitely helped my skin. Ice helps your skin in so many ways. When you rub ice cubes over your face, it helps with the blood circulation and gives your face a natural and healthy glow! Also, when you've been out all night or up all night, to help the bags under your eyes and to tighten pores...ICE! When you have the blackheads and acne shows itself up, when you feel to pick it, use an icecube, rub it and that will reduce the redness and swelling! (No hands in face...I'm trying to learn this) 


I've blogged about it (Here), I've instagrammed it...I really think the new "We Run Tings" Bracelet from Galavant Jewelry was the coolest thing this Summer. I think what has still blown my mind is the 'umph' it adds to my outfits in such a simple, understated fashion and the fact that it's a Jamaican brand and has our dialect (Patois) written on it....FAVOURITE! 


As I hit puberty in Grade 7, I've had an acne fest all over my face! Now at 22, it's a far cry from what it used to be but I don't take things for granted. So, this summer when my Irie Rock toner (day ONE favourite) finished I thought I'd try something new and some how the wind blew me to JenCare Skin Farm. I like this pimple defense astringent because.....it works. It has a nice smell, good tingle, doesn't burn, evens tone, reduces pimples, makes you look better than before. I mean, what more can I say? 


You guys, everything I'm writing about or have ever written about has a youtube inspiration. Youtube has something for everybody. I wanted to work out and not go to the gym: YouTube, wanted some inspiration: YouTube, wanted background music to preview my blog post on IG: YouTube.....everything is youtube! I might even go there one day! (I've done a video once lmao: here

But I decided to compile a list of my favourites: 

Workout and Exercise: Fitness Blender

Inspiration and Good Conversation: Oprah (OWN) and Ted Talks

Beauty, Style, Fun (Jamaican) Women: LaurenoLauren

Beauty and Style Women: Patricia Bright

Mens Style and Skin Care: James Welsh/AlphaM

Random Chatterboxing: The View

5. JenCare Skin Farm Moisturizer

As I stated, I decided to switch it up this summer with skin care and one of the new products I decided to take up was the Hypo-Allergenic Cellular Replacer with Collagen (1330) for spots and pimples (takes breath). This was recommended to me by the folks at JenCare based on my skin type. Firstly, it looks like make up but it's just a regular moisturizer so don't be scared! I  used it for the second half of summer and I wish I used it earlier. It's now a FAVOURITE!

My mother didn't know I was using it and told me I was looking good and she's a tough critic! It works well with the astringent above!


SUNSCREEN/PRODUCTS WITH SPF: Use this before you go out in the sun on a daily basis, your skin will thank you for it. I promise. I did it all Summer and it's my favourite! 

Thanks for Reading! I actually encourage you guys to try at least one of my favourites!

Let me know how your experience was, I'm 90% sure you'll love it if I did. ALSO, I'd love to know some of your favourites as well! Comment or send me an email! 

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