5 Beauty Habits Men Should Adopt From Women

Hey Readers! 

In commemoration of International Womens’ Day, I decided to do somewhat of an "appreciation post" for women! There are certain beauty habits which women have which would be beneficial to men if they used them. So many men NEGLECT their grooming and these simple tips would really make a difference for you! (Girls love using GIFs so I thought I’d give it a try)


1.    Conditioning and Moisturizing Hair

There are two things I’ve heard EVERY girl speak about when referring to hair care: Conditioning and Using Coconut/Castor/Jojoba/Vitamin E (etc) Oil. When growing up as a male you’re told to wash your hair everyday with shampoo. What they didn’t tell us was that shampoo strips our hair of essential oils and that we should accompany our shampoo with conditioner. As a matter of fact, on some days you should just condition. After which, you moisturize with your oil of choice.

Why do women spend the time to do this? What difference does it make? Firstly, when you randomly scratch your hair in the middle of the day, there are no flakes as a result of a dry scalp. Secondly your hair will have a healthier look and a better texture which is beneficial ESPECIALLY if you have a fade or high hair or even worse, locked hair!

      2. Face BEATING

Nah, Just Kidding I don’t mean face beating but REAL attention to skin care and a proper skin care regime. Thanks women for the good habits in skin care which can be gathered from all over the internet. Here are the basics:

-       Cleanse (with a simple face wash for your skin type: dry, oily. combination)

-       Moisturize (an oil-free moisturizer is neutral. Vary based on skin type)

-       Apply SPF EVERYDAY (This will help you with aging and damage to skin)

-       Drink a lot of water (Preferably 8 glasses a day)

3.    Nail Care

This is as simple as it gets. We have two sets of nails: finger nails and toe nails.

Finger Nails: You interact with so many people on a daily basis and nasty nails are such a turn off to those around you. So let’s take a leaf from the women’s book of grooming. You need not go to the salon and have it professionally done but keep it neat! (I’m working on this because I really like to bite my nails! So we can work on it together)

Toe Nails/Feet: This is more of a health matter. Firstly you want to avoid having an ingrown toe nail which is one of the most painful things that you will ever experience. Secondly, proper nail and foot care will prevent Athlete’s Foot and Nail Fungus which is VERY common around men!

4.    Body Hair Grooming

Women shave/wax EVERY PART OF THEIR BODIES. We can take a little part of this habit and make it our own. Some men are extremely uncomfortable with the thought of shaving any part of them other than the hair and face. I have a solution: Trimming. You can buy a hair cutting scissors and use it to trim underarm hair and pubic hair. It need not be clean but well maintained to avoid unsightly body hair and extremely foul odours.

5.    Watching YouTube Channels/ Reading Blogs (Seeking Advice)

Women LOVE LOVE LOVE watching YouTube beauty channels for tips and tricks on grooming, beauty and style. Men…don’t, but they’re missing out. Some of the best lessons for your care as a male will be on the internet. Example, did you know that you can ice your face when you look dreary after a long night out? That’s not necessarily about make-up and contouring but these tips can be very beneficial and the beautiful thing about the internet is that there is something for EVERYONE! 

Thanks SO MUCH for reading! I hope you enjoy your week and this post! Let me know what you think about this post! 

-Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up.