Must Have: Tumeric and Lime Mask

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In my view, one of the biggest perks of blogging is the opportunity  to SHARE with readers and give honest feedback based on my experiences. If we didn't have this blog I would have to, by word of mouth, share with you this great secret: Tumeric and Lime Mask made in  Jamaica. When I looked at the ingredients of this mask I thought "hmm this is DIY material, I don't need to buy it" until I used it. . .don't waste your time trying to make it. . .BUY IT! 


I was introduced to this mask based on a discussion with my friend Tanaka who keeps up with all things skin-care. I was tired of the St. Ives Apricot Scrub (not because it doesn't work) but because I wanted something new. She told me that it was the ONLY thing that kept her skin in check and that I could find it at Earth Elements!

The Tumeric and Lime Mask as the label suggests is useful for people seeking treatment for eczema and acne with additional focus being placed on the skin tone and pigmentation. So how does this one mask do all of that successfully? Because of its ingredients. The mask is all natural and contains things which from before time, have proven to be very effective skincare aids. The main ingredients are: Bentonite Clay, Tumeric Powder, Apricot Exfoliant, Lavender Essential Oil and Lime Essential Oil. 

Each Ingredient in the Tumeric and Lime Mask is specifically chosen because of its skincare benefit and the way it works when combined with the other ingredients. Bentonite Clay helps to remove toxins from the skin, helps to tighten and tone the skin as well as assist in cell regeneration. The Tumeric Powder is included because it is a GREAT antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory antibacterial agent. THIS is very important in acne products because one of the major issues faced is that of redness and inflammation as well as clogged pores and dirty skin; the TUMERIC POWDER solves that problem.

The Apricot Exfoliant is also a major component of the Tumeric and Lime mask and I stand by it because prior to using this mask I used the classic St. Ives Apricot Scrub and there is something special in its exfoliant powers. The apricot exfoliant is significant as it is gentle yet effective in exfoliating the skin, getting rid of the dead cells and reviving the user's complexion. The Lavender Essential Oil is significant because of its calming effect on the body and mind (if you have lavender oil in its pure form you can drop it on your pillow for a good night's rest) 

Lastly, the Lime Oil serves as a natural astringent and cleanses the skin at a significant level while also helping to balance the skin. So from the ingredients, when I use this mask once per week my skin is being cleansed, tightened, exfoliated, brightened, regenerated and generally IMPROVED! 



Based on the photos you can tell that the mask has the consistency of an apricot scrub but the colour of green curry. It is suggested that you wait 15 minutes before washing the mask off. However, due to the yellowgreen colour it takes a thorough rinse to ensure your face is not left with the residue of the mask. That is the only concern I have had. When you have not washed it off properly your towel becomes green and that's not fun. 

In terms of smell, the strongest and most memorable smell for me is the lavender essential oil and the smell of limes which is citrusy and relatively pleasing considering that fragrances are not utilized.

I use this once per week, at the end of the week or at the beginning of another week to get everything in check. Certainly this will not be enough to improve your skin OVERALL because a daily skin care routine has to be included but as far as exfoliation is concerned, this is a great choice! You definitely should give it a try! 

Thanks for Reading! I actually encourage you guys to try this at least once!

Let me know how your experience was, I'm 90% sure you'll love it if I did. ALSO, I'd love to know some of your favourites as well! Comment or send me an email! 

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