Hey Guys! 

I hope you've been in good spirits drinking up your sorrel and eggnog and all those wonderful stuff! Congratulations again to Amanda Guy and Shanique Spencer, the winners of my first ever giveaway in partnership with Earth Elements!  It was A LOT of fun and your interest in the products and skinsecurityseries was overwhelmingly positive! 

If you look through the window, or feel that extra chill weather or hear Mariah Carey's Album on repeat in your favourite clothing store . . . YOU KNOW what time it is! C H R I S T M A S! It's been Christmas for me all December because my office had Secret Santa from as early as December 1st (which was a lot of fun! I love you all if you're reading this) but now that we're in the 20s of December I am EXCITED!

I know it's not WINTER in Jamaica but it's still a little chilly every now and then so I sometimes need a cool christmas sweater! Have you ever been invited to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party? I have, but I didn't attend because I didn't have an Ugly Christmas Sweater and it was too late to order one online. Well, that will not be happening to me this year because I decided to do it myself! DIY! Ps. have you ever noticed that the Ugly Christmas Sweaters. . . look good? NOT MINE! Here's a little snippet of my DIY UGLY CHRISTMAS Sweater project! 

You'll need: 


1.  A Chunky Sweater (preferably white, red or green in keeping with the festive theme) 

2. ANYTHING YOU WANT! I used gift bags and santa hats and random stuff! 


So, as you can see, I DID MY OWN DAMN THING! Is the sweater ugly? Oh yes! Do I love it? Oh yes! I really wanna see you guys' ugly christmas sweaters! Hope you enjoy your holidays! 

image2 (1).jpeg
image1 (1).jpeg

Until next time!