Do It Yourself, DIY, the term used my many but understood by few. As guys, we think DIYs are limited to the painting of a room or the fixing of a cupboard in our kitchens but it transcends beyond that and includes style and even grooming. I am an avid supporter of DIYs because with the harsh economic climate (especially in the Caribbean) it's sometimes easier to do it yourself as opposed to spending 200 US to get it in the store. Further, there comes a great feeling of accomplishment in knowing that your creation or modification is the talk of the town . . . and not for a bad reason!

 Photographed by Kamilah Ellis  Jacket, Shoes, Tie: ALL DIY!

Photographed by Kamilah Ellis

Jacket, Shoes, Tie: ALL DIY!

In light of that LOVE for doing things on my own and experimenting I decided to include DIYs as a facet of my blog! We will learn together, we will create new things and experiences together. I plan to cover clothing, grooming DIYs (which may also fall under that category) as well as an occasional food inspired DIY! It will be a great experience! But until then, if you're not convinced here are my 5 Times when you MUST DIY!

1.  You have NO FUND$

Have you ever been SO excited about an event and you're ready to go but you have no funds to buy that outfit you were double tapping for months? Necessity is the mother of Invention and I am its cousin! This is an opportunity for you take out your favourite app: Pinterest with a little Instagram inspiration and get cracking! This has happened to me before, and it ended up being one of my favourite looks! I'll tell you more later on!

2. You Want Something You've Never Seen Before

It happens to the best of us, you're tired of looking like everyone! Guys, you're tired of going to the club and seeing another 4 guys in your shirt that your girlfriend bought you in 21Men. Girls you're tired of seeing every girl in the same style outfit as you! So what do you do? Do it yourself! And here's the trick, if you can't do it yourself, get it done. You still get originality points!

3. You're Bored

This is as simple as it gets. You're bored and tired of scrolling through all your social media links? Try something new! Make a smoothie....or pina colada! Try and learn to do ombre! You may have a lot of fun doing it too!

4. You want to Revive a Closet Favourite

You have your favourite shirt and the buttons are all gone and it's an utter and complete mess! You have your favourite jeans that just don't fit the same anymore but you want to turn them into shorts? This is when you get out your good old needle and thread (yes GUYS should be sewing as well) or your scissors and get cracking!

5. You Know You CAN DIY!

If you can DO IT, follow Nike and JUST DO IT! Why not?

I want to hear from you! Were there any occasions in which you were forced to DIY? Did you enjoy it? Are there any DIYs you want to see me try? Let me know! Comment below or send me an email!

Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up.