DIY FLASHBACK: How To Create Jeans Shorts

When I wrote for my first blog in 2012, I did my first ever DIY on camera! I took some of my old jeans and turned them into shorts (which I still wear today)! I thought this would be useful to my readers and so I decided to share!

How to create your own  jeans shorts.

This summer, especially in Jamaica, it is extremely hot. As males we own pairs upon pairs of jeans and would love some shorts. This tip allows us to make use of those jeans which fit the waist properly but are either too short or too long and create jeans shorts, a practical summer trend.

Material: Scissors | Jeans ( preferably slim/skinny fit)| Pencil | Marker


One: While wearing the jeans, make a small mark to indicate the length of the shorts. Since it will be folded it may be best to mark an inch or two below your desired length.

Two:  After taking it off , make a line cross the leg of the jeans (where the mark is) to indicate the place to cut. TIP: To ensure that you have a straight line, before using the marker, use a pencil. 

Three: Cut the Jeans along the marked line!


Just like that, You're DON

 All photographs were taken by Steven Smith under Lenz Photography (2012)

All photographs were taken by Steven Smith under Lenz Photography (2012)

This was so many years go but last week!

 I hope this Throwback was useful! Let me know what you think with a comment below or even an email!

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