Hey Guys!

I don’t care if we On The Runnnnn –clears throat-

I know you’re not accustomed to seeing me in this way since YouTube and everything, but here I am, in live and living colour (well maybe not since I’m sitting around a computer and you can’t see me). But I’m so happy to be able to share again on the blog with you since the last time I posted many moons ago about my sk(in)security. THIS TIME.....I’m here to stay –goes on bended knee with a promise ring-.

You know who’s also back and having every one BUZZ with excitement? Queen Bey, Leader of the BeyHive, Beyonce! If you were under a rock for the past few hours Beyonce has just launched her “On the Run II” Tour with her co-star husband Jay-Z and since the couple loves surprises, we got to see THE TWINS (although…to be honest, I forgot they even had twins).

However, an occasion as BIG as this requires planning not only with tickets and gathering your crew but also OUTFITS! So I partnered with one of my favourite Jamaican stores Shop NecessiT’s to put together a three-piece look-book which would be HOT and ready for you to wear to the On the Run 2 Tour! Ofcourse, for my friends who are not in Jamaica, I will post an equivalent which could be found online.

I went for very simple but stylish silhouettes because that’s my personal style but the looks also have an urban edge which is PERFECT for a concert, especially for this sort of performance.

1.       Camouflage x Black


This look is for someone who falls on the side of Hip-Hop and is probably a huge Jay-Z fan. The oversized camouflage jacket is one of his signature looks from the last tour and is a timeless piece. The embroidered crests/badges and numbers add detail which would allow you to stand out, with a simple but not too plain t-shirt and a ripped jean gives you that extra edge! 

Store: @shopnecessits | Similar Jacket: https://goo.gl/og1BhN | Similar Shirt: 

2.       Denim Bomber x Black T-Shirt


The denim bomber marries the urban look of a bomber jacket with a trendy more stylish denim…I LOVE IT! It is so unusual but still very on-trend and believe it or not ..it doesn’t make me feel the heat AT ALL. The velvetish, terry clothish shirt also adds some more texture instead of a plain black shirt and once again I can’t  just do a regular denim bottom so this is distressed to perfection! To bring it back to my preppy RushCam ways, I added some soft leather white converses!

Store: @shopnecessits | Bomber: Very hard to find a similar denim bomber online | T-Shirt: https://goo.gl/ZVMU3x

3.       Denim Bomber …and nothing else!

unnamed (1).jpg

This look is for the more outgoing edgy kind of person …who may also want to stay cool all night. I decided to ditch the shirt, keep the denim bomber and pair it with some of my favourite denim shorts and add a pop of colour (but not too much) with some of my FAVOURITE trendy sneakers from Asos!

Asos Shoes: https://goo.gl/5eRLfm

Even if you’re one of the not so lucky people (like me) who won’t be attending the Beyonce and Jay-Z OTR 2 Tour this summer, I’m sure these looks would be very useful if you were perhaps going to another concert or if you were going out with your friends for drinks one night, either way it works!

I hope you enjoyed this read and if you haven’t had a chance to, check out my youtube video with the lookbook described above and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Comment down below telling me what’s your favourite look….1, 2 or 3?!

Until next time, BYE!