3 Simple Tips on How To Wear 'Athleisure'

Hey Guys! 

I hope you're all in good spirits and not getting too worked up about the fact that Valentine's Day is in less than a week's time! I'll be providing you guys with a really cool and creative gift idea list on Friday so don't buy those gifts JUST YET! Anyway, if you've been keeping up with the 'trends of fashion' and what the critics consider 'hot' for the year, you'd hear a lot of noise about this thing called ATHLEISURE! 

Okay I hear you over there "What on God's Earth is Athleisure?" It's basically wearing athletic wear...as your everyday style 'Athleisure'. It moved from people being lazy and wearing trainers and joggers to go pick up coffee in LA to becoming one of the 'biggest trends of 2017'. This trend didn't get me hyped up for this simple reason: I generally don't do athletic wear muchless athleisure! I eventually got into the groove of doing simple athleisure style decisions and thought I'd share 3 SIMPLE tips with you on how to do athleisure...the simple way! 


The idea behind athleisure and athletic wear is that of ease, simplicity and effortless style. For me, keeping it simple in terms of the outfit and colour choice is the best way to go. I would stick with neutrals: black, white, grey, the things that don't scream "HEY GUYS IM DOING ATHLETIC WEAR TODAY". It gives it a more effortless and streamline look. Remember the idea of athleisure already says you're fashionable so you don't need to do much! 


When I say still maintain your personal style, I mean just that! If you look at my photos and the way I did my athleisure, you'll see I wore a sweater and my Converse shoes instead of Nikes because that's just my style. You don't wanna make an effort to be on trend to the point that people don't recognize you when you show up to hang out, it should always still be YOU. So my version of athleisure as RushCam won't necessarily be another blogger's version and that's okay.


This is the truth! When you look at the way athleisure came about . . .even if it's a trend, it won't be appropriate for EVERY occasion. I think that's a mistake people make when they hear 'trend'. So be careful! 

For my look, I chose the SIMPLEST of athleisure styles because that's just me! Take a look! :) 

Special Thanks to Christopher Harper for the photos! You can follow him on Instagram (@ChrisxHarper)

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Until next time, Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up and . . .be You!