Valetine's Day Gift Ideas: For Him and Her

Hey Guys! 

By a show of hands, let me see those with a Valentine? -looks around- Yes! I see you, this post is for you! -queues 90s R&B- Valentine's Day is a huge commercial event but it's also that one day for the year where we all think about LOVE! which is necessary in a world filled with so much hatred. I don't have a Valentine this year but I'm just as excited as every one else. (Flashback to 2012 when my friend Danielle bought yellow daisies for all her friends with personalized notes!)

So you have a Valentine and you think, what am I gonna get her? or what am I gonna get him?Gone are the days when people buy chocolates and roses for Valentine's Day and that's it. In the new methods of relationship-ing, gifts are more thoughtful, more unique and more personal! So ofcourse, I did some research and put together a gift guide for him and her! 


1. A Home-made Movie

LMAO! You know, I didn't realize how this sounded until I read it over. NO, not that kinda home-made video. You could really surprise her by recording her over the days, putting the video in black and white, play her favourite songs in the background and doing a voice-over saying how you feel about her. It's a GOOD LOOK!  No, really if I were in a relationship I'd do it!

2. Customized Illustration

Illustrations are digitized or painted versions of a photograph of someone. You can get illustrations in a photo-frame, on a make-up bag, on her beach towel especially if she loves going to the beach, on a calendar, basically anywhere! I think it's a great gift idea if you have a girlfriend who takes a lot of photos and would appreciate that kind of gesture. You could get illustrations from By Asd (here) or Karissa (here). 

3. Polaroid Camera

If your girl friend/wife/friend/side-chick doesn't leave home without taking an outfit of the day photo or if she appreciates the beauty of nature and the world, this is the gift! You're telling her that you notice her love, and would like to upgrade her from JUST iphone photos. What would be even better is to give her the hint that you're giving her this gift by giving her a photo of herself as the gift and using it as a clue to the camera! You can get it HERE!

4. A Haul of Her Favourite Make-Up

I've come to realize you CANNOT underestimate how much your girlfriend loves her make-up, it's CRAZY! I promise you that if you find out what her favourite make-up products are, the EXPENSIVE ONES, the ones she will buy once a year because she's "treating herself", you will be in her good books, not because of your romance but because of the THOUGHT you put into it..which ultimately amounts to romance. The key however is, and I can't stress it enough, KNOWING the girl you're buying these things for. It will take research. 



1. Personalized Daily Items

This is simple. VERY SIMPLE. MEN LIKE FEELING LIKE KING! Any man who denies this, has never been treated like a King, I'm telling you. A man has to wear socks, handkerchiefs and cufflinks. They drink from tea cups and mugs. What better way to let him know that he's king than with personalized cups, towels etc? It's been done for me before and it's kinda cool! Do it! You can get it done at any reputable printery or online print store. (Ps. My grandma did it for my grandpa and their marriage was forever).

2. A Day of Pampering. . . by You

In keeping with the theme of men liking the idea of being a KING, the best way to make him smile on Valentine's Day is with PERSONAL PAMPERING! You could get him a gift certificate for any spa but that won't be the same as a personal session. When you do the massage and run the music and everything, for ONE day he feels like you're taking care of him. 

3. MixTape 

In tandem with the spa day courtesy of you,  you should make him a mix tape! You should put his favourites on it and if you can do the voice over for the DJ mix it would be even better! A guy appreciates little things like this! You should get it on the TRUE MIXTAPE and get him  a casette player! 

4. The Watch He's Always Wanted

As a guy, I can tell you, we ALL have a watch we wish we could have and will hint about that watch every time it's gift season! Even if it's not a watch, a piece of jewelry, a ring, bracelet. Pay attention and get it for him! Using the tips above you could have the jewelry bought for him engraved with his initials! 

These gifts would cater to so many different types of persons! Let me know what's the ideal gift for you (Your valentine may be reading the blog lol). Comment and Like if you wanna share your gift ideas (and share with a friend). 

See you Soon! Get Shopping!

Get Up! Dress Up! Show Up! 

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