What To Wear: To Someone Else's Wedding

Hey Guys! 

I haven't been this happy to write a blog post since the first time I did it back in August 2015. My happiness stems from the fact that I've been Missing-In-Action on social media and the blog for the past month or so and being away made me realize how much I love sharing with you all (and for those who didn't notice I was gone, shame on you).

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So yes, enough of my babble on the irrelevance of my absence. It's February which means, not only Black History Month but the month of Valentine's Day, the LOVE month. First comes love, then comes . . .marriage! As a young person with young adult friends I've been invited to a fair share of weddings in the last few months and oh how excited I've been to attend. However something dawned on me as I tried to find an outfit for one of these weddings. . .I realised......I was not the one .....getting married.

I realized that for once in my life as it relates to looks and presentation, I would have to put my favourite styles on the back burner because as a guest, the wedding is not for me so I had to just....show up. So in preparation for the most recent wedding I attended (Shout out to Santana and Kerron) I wrote down what I thought of as the ingredients for dressing to attend a wedding that is simply not yours. The key is to be elegant and simple. 


1. No Full White/Cream/Off-White

2. Keep it as Simple as Possible but Appropriate and Elegant (No Overstated Statement Accessories or Garments)

4. Don't do a bowtie AND a Tuxedo AND a lapel pin unless it's a super A list wedding: You're not the groom!

5. Try not to dress in the wedding's colour. (Do not match the bouquet or decorations)  

6. Since the wedding is NOT yours, NOTHING TOO EXPENSIVE (in other words, don't go spending a million dollars for an occasion which is not for ....you)  

7. Dance Friendly Clothing (if you have friends like mine you will need this)

Here's a look at what I wore to my friend's wedding in January! Thanks to Christopher Harper for the photos! Check out his page on Instagram HERE!

Get This Look!

Shirt: H and M: HERE!

Blazer/Jacket: Tailor-Made

Pants: Bar III: HERE! 

Shoes : Topman HERE!


Guys, Thanks for reading, let me know what you think in the comments down below! See you on Facebook and Instagram! Until next time, Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up and . . .be You!