Make a Statement with: Galavant Jewelry!

Hey Guys! 

During Summer 2016 I felt a great sense of pride as a Jamaican because of our excellent performance in the Rio Olympics and our celebration of 54 years of independence. I wanted to show my sense of pride: 1. Without literally wearing the national colours each day or waving the flag and 2. By supporting a local brand.

Just like that, my dreams became a reality with Galavant Jewelry. Galavant is a Jamaican jewelry brand which produces gold, silver and rose-gold bracelets, cuff, rings and necklaces with a Jamaican twist. Originally Galavant was conceptualized for women but eventually branched out into the creation of unisex pieces as well. 

What do I love about Galavant? The Jamaicaness of it. The pieces are engraved with phrases such as "Rude Gyal/Bwoy", "One Love" "JamRock" and even the Jamaican coordinates. You can also get your pieces engraved with your own phrases, words or symbols. In the spirit of the Rio Olympics, Galavant produced a new cuff called "WE RUN TINGS", which is the one I got and because Jamaica is golden, I got it in gold. . .I had to share some pics with you! (ofcourse I had to wear it with my favourite watch from Movado)

I think this would be a great gift for someone special because of the option to personalize, or like me, you could get it to be subtle with your national pride and males, don't worry the unisex cuffs are thick and aesthetically pleasing with our hands. 

You guys, HAVE TO get one of these! Visit their Instagram page: @GalavantJewelry or visit their website at to purchase! Now that you're familiar with it up close, you'll see them in ootds!

Thanks so much for reading! Let me know what you think, share with a friend!