Collection Moda Part 1

Hey Guys! 

As a fashion and lifestyle blogger, I'm happy knowing that somehow I'm able to share my style, reviews, tips and tricks with readers. It also makes me very happy and provides a sense of fulfillment when I'm invited to events in the fashion and lifestyle arena. It tells me "You're doing SOMETHING right". I was super excited when I received my COLLECTION MODA 2016 Fashion Show Invitation. (Random bit of Inspiration: Just take your time to work towards your goals! You'll get there eventually). Last year I REALLY wanted to be invited as a "fresh-out-the-blocks" blogger and here I am a year later! So when I received my invitation, the first thing I asked myself was WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?

Immediately I contacted a male fashion designer locally. . .got photos of my outfit for the night and I was ready! I didn't even think of alternatives but I suppose I was too excited to even care....I picked up my outfit on the day of the event and SURPRISE!... it could not fit me. Here I am on the day of one of my biggest events on the style calendar  and I don't have anything special to wear. This was a true "make it work moment". So I pooled my resources together and came up with this simple, elegant but effective outfit. 

I wanted to have a relaxed and effortless look with enough fashion to look like a blogger, basically my style aesthetic. I also ran into some of my blogger and PR friends and took some shots with them as well! Take a look!


 Photo by Skkan Media Entertainment

Photo by Skkan Media Entertainment

Shirt: Beverly Hills Polo Club

Blazer: Zara

Jeans/Pants: Levis

Shoes: Topman

Watch: Movado

Photos by Alexander Wong: Alexander Wong (Instagram: @Aw.876) (Website:

Thanks again for reading! I appreciate it more than you know....Until Next Time: Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up!