TSO: Take Style Out or Take Something Out?

Hey Guys!

Every year Jamaica Observer Lifestyle stages its BIGGEST event on the fashion calendar for both the consumer and business owners known as "Jamaica Observer Takes Style Out". The Observer has developed the brand of this event moving from a one night "Fashion Night Out" years ago with sales galore, to an all-island all-week dynamic event with not only sales but fashion showcases. Once again, I attended the Jamaica Yellow Pages Event and also received feedback from shoppers and while I love my folks at the Jamaica Observer and the Yellow Pages but something was missing. Hmmmm

I must be honest, it took me a while to write this post because I owe a duty to my audience to be genuine and truthful but I also would not like to burn bridges or give the impression that I'm being a snob. Here's what I thought...

Marketing Woes

The marketing of the Take Style Out event and store sales was  on point but I have a question...is it take STYLE out? or Take EverySingleThingThatCanBeSold Out? The expansion of the brand over the years has been commendable but with that came the inclusion of stores which had NOTHING to do with fashion or style such as furniture and appliance stores. While I'm all for the sales, originally the concept catered to style similar to the internationally recognized "Fashion Night Out" instead of "Black Friday". You get my point? So I think the Jamaica Observer may consider rebranding the event or sticking to the true contents of the title but as I said in the title, you may need to "Take Something Out" or rebrand the events as take...something (anything) out!

Jamaica Yellow Pages: FASHION Directory

When I attended the Jamaica Yellow Pages event I was surprised AGAIN. Last year the public was forced to stand on one side while the chosen few "VIP" had seats by the runway. This year, the VIP expanded and members of the public were once again forced to stand, this time, at the end of the runway. This was my first concern, the way we are CAUGHT UP with the social aspect of our events, the sponsorship, the photos, the page 2 photos, so much so that we lose the TRUE essence of an event: The Fashion element, the style, the sales. 

The Fashion Show included pieces from Dexter 3D Pottinger, Mamayashi, LaShane Couture, Andrei Shirley, T and T Fashion by Simone Gordon and Kerry Kay's Boutique among many others. It was hosted by Nikky Z of Fame FM and had a live performance by reggae artiste, Tanya Stephens. 

Shout out to Dexter 3D Pottinger and Andrei Shirley who provided a breath of fresh air on a stage of . . .simplicity. Most other designs lacked creativity or had looks which were not properly styled. The "Take Style Out" and sale element was also a miss for me for the reason stated above (that is, there was nothing to really buy and the organizers were more caught up in photo taking) and because the focal point of the event was the runway show (understandably so). Here are some highlights! 

Last Year in my blog post I said "In conclusion my night was made by the display of local talent. I am always blown away by how far we've come as a region in terms of design and styling"...I didn't feel that way on Thursday NightJamaican creatives have to make an effort to raise the bar and not allow the comfort of a niche to keep them in the den of mediocrity and TSO organizers, GOOD TRY but it may be time to go back to the drawing board and take somethings ....out!

Let me know what you thought about Take Style Out, if you went! 

Thanks for Reading :)