Collection Moda Launch: What's in my SwagBag

Hey Guys! 

So, I looked in the mail last week and there it was, the invitation to the Collection Moda Launch. I was stoked because this year Collection Moda celebrates its 5th Year Anniversary. For those who don't know, Collection Moda is the Jamaican Fashion Experience which showcases Jamaican artistes: Fashion Designers, Artists, Stylists and Entrepreneurs. It includes a two day "Moda Market" and a Fashion Show. Let's talk about the launch! 

The Collection Moda Launch was held at the Spanish Court Hotel, Worthington Court and was nothing short of amazing but let me tell you why I'm really share with you the contents of my SWAGBAG! Most, if not all of these items are Jamaican and I think you should visit the Moda Market as they'd be great personal and Christmas gifts! Here's what's in MY swagbag! Let's go (by the way the numbers are ABOVE the photos)

1. Collection Moda Swagbag: Sponsored by Collection Moda and the Yellow Pages (would make a great beach bag + I love the illustrations)

2. Peanut Brittle by the Treat Confectionery

3. Swypz: Sandalwood for Men

4. Body Serum courtesy of Sothy's Beauty Bar

5. Scented Candle by Tai Flora Luxe

6. White Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans by Cafe Blue

7 & 8. Christmas Tree Ornament by Baughausdesigns

9. Coupon Courtesy of Blow by Blow Bar

10. Sample Oils Courtesy of

11. Moda Castille Soap

12. Yaadie Travel Bag Tag by Topp In Designz

13. Scrubstance Coffee Body Scrub

14. All Natural Handmade Soap by "Pretty So" Botanicals

15. Selfie Stick courtesy of Skaan Media

















So friends, this what's in my swagbag was also an opportunity for you to brainstorm great Christmas gift ideas! The information for most of these items are seen on the packaging. In any event you can get these items and so much more at the Moda Market on November 19th and 20th at the Worthington Court of the Spanish Court hotel! If you have any questions or queries send me an email or comment below!

Thanks again for reading! I appreciate it more than you know....Until Next Time: Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up! 


 Photograph by Alexander Wong

Photograph by Alexander Wong