Take a Risk: Go Vintage!

Hey Guys! 

Soooo for the past couple of weeks I've just been trying VERY different things. I think there's a lot of pressure on guys to look a certain way: Athletic, Neat, "Sexy" and well tailored but sometimes I feel like taking a risk which would land me in the "not so hot category". Ofcourse, it comes with confidence and a desire to do whatever the hell you want but my word of advice this week is: TAKE A RISK! Here's my story!

My grandfather has the coolest clothes in town (in my opinion) and this shirt was no different. He offered it to me knowing it was: 1. Oversized 2. Vintage and 3. In the eyes of my peers "UGLY" which means that I would LOVE it and that I did. This shirt is "Wear the Right Thing" by Henri Valdise! It has a mandarin collar, is 100% rayon (very cool material) and is really the best!

I looked it up online and found a LOT of Henri Valdise vintage shirts and wished I had a whole lot more but this was a good start. This style risk is for the brave readers among us who are willing to forego the plethora of "OMG you look so good" comments and have them replaced with "Where you get that shirt?" If you're feeling a little on edge about taking the risk, style it up!

But why did I take this risk? Three Reasons: 

1. I didn't see it as a risk. I liked the shirt but I KNOW that a lot of people wouldn't find it as attractive. The moral of the story is...I wore it because I liked it. 

2. It somehow builds your Confidence. Taking risks means you're out of your comfort zone and when you're out of your comfort zone....AMAZING things happen. 

3. Vintage is in! (Also, it's a hand-me-down so 100% free!)

I also took a risk by taking the photos in a not so glamourous location! Check out the look! My vintage shirt paired with my favourite watch from Movado, Bracelet from Galavant and Loafers.

I HOPE you guys enjoyed this and are encouraged to TAKE A RISK! Until next time, Keep Safe and have a great weekend! 

Get Up! Dress Up! Show Up!