6 Style Lessons Learned During Week 1 of Law School

Hey Readers! 

As some of you may know, this week marked the beginning of my two year programme at the Norman Manley Law School. At the end of that period, I hope to be called to the bar and practise as an attorney-at-law. During this week, I was overwhelmed with lessons on decorum, evidence, ethics, practice and procedure delivered to us by the lecturers and practitioners. However, in transitioning from casual to professional wear, I learned 6 Simple Style Lessons! 

1. It's All in the FIt! 

I admired a lot of my colleagues this week! Girls and Guys alike I thought so many people looked spiffy! Some suits were well tailored and skirts/ dresses well fitted and I realized one thing....It's all in the fit! Those whose outfits I wasn't fond of, was not because it was "ugly" (I mean how ugly could black and white get), it was because it was too big or too small. So the first lesson I learned was....make it fit! 

2. Accessories Are VERY Important. 

When you look at the fact that we have to be dressed professionally, the look is incomplete without the proper accessories: Shoes, Ties, Tie Pins, Wallets, Watches, Bracelets. Find accessories which match your personal style and FLOURISH! Remember: 

- Skinny Ties for Slim Guys 

-Silver Accessories are good for day time! 

-Silver and Gold will Vanish Away but a strong leather wallet will never decay!

3. Restriction Brings Creativity! 

For those who do not know, law is pretty much black and white (and grey and dark blue) and professional attire can become a little boring. I complained one morning as I looked into my closet "I want to wear my bright colours" "I want to wear my shorts and prints and cool shirts". Then I realised that with my back against the wall with restrictions in types of clothing, colours and style, I would be forced to find some creativity deep within. My inspiration was @TheDressedChest. Looking on this page I came to the realization that I could mix prints and so I tried and will try further! Plaids and Strips. Polka Dots! Be CREATIVE!

4. Brands Don't Matter! 

Oh lol. Nobody cares if you're wearing the most expensive white shirt. . .It's like everybody's white shirt. 

5. Confidence is Key! 

Why is this a style lesson? This is a style lesson because this is what separates style and fashion. Sometimes the best outfits don't get the praise because of the person wearing it. Have you ever seen someone who has every component of a stylish outfit but you're not in awe? They're good looking and so is the clothes, it looks good online but something is missing.....CONFIDENCE is what carries your outfit across the threshold. It's the way to tie your outfit together! You don't need to walk with your nose in the air but know you look good and it will make a dramatic difference! Wear the clothes, Don't let them wear you!

6. The Entire You is Important! 

So you've bought the perfect clothes but your hair is off or maybe you didn't put enough focus on cutting your fingernails, or maybe you didn't remember to wear deodorant. Whatever it may be, remember that the WHOLE you is important when it comes to a professional environment. In a professional world your interactions will not be excused or disregarded because everything you say or do will be considered. So, while the clothes are important, don't ever neglect the ENTIRE YOU! 

If you have any tips you'd like to share with me or comments, email me or write them down below! Also, I have something BIG coming up but you have to subscribe! See you next time! 

Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up.