Hey Everyone! 

Just the other day, I looked through my window and realised that it was slightly overcast. "YES! I get to wear my all black outfit that I had in mind from 3 months ago"...but what was stopping me before? I'd be stupid to wear all black in the tropical climate right? Wrong! It's summer all year round so I would be forced to bite the bullet or else I'd never wear black!

 This intrapersonal conversation led me to imagine the plight of a student on campus who would be tasked with walking across the threshold in the sun. With that in mind and in putting my outfit together I thought of some ways in which WE could have our cake and eat it. Here are some tips on wearing all black! 


It is a well known fact that black absorbs light and heat. It sucks it up like a vacuum and in turn adds to our misery as the heat holds us hostage. It is also a well known fact that heavier fabrics insulate the body. Therefore, as simple as it is, during the day, make an effort to wear the clothes which are made of lighter fabrics. Avoid sweater fabrics and long sleeves. Instead embrace T-shirts and vests! Also, in my outfit you will see that I have paired it with a denim shirt functioning as a jacket. This is for lecture theatres which may be too cold and can be worn around the waist for an urban look!


I know it's hard to believe, I was just preaching that black makes you hot but it also protects your skin and provides greater UV protection. This is because rays can't penetrate the fabric as well as darker fabrics have a higher ultra violet protection factor which means well for your skin! So I like to think of black as a good sunscreen!


If you're uncomfortable being in the sun and the heat while wearing all black, choose a day in which you'll have little to no activities or a day in which you can stay in the lecture theatre at school or indoors because of a lot of classes. This would allow you to have your cake and eat it because you get to wear the all black ensemble without having to experience the "side effect" of a heat stroke! 


This tip is not directly related to the sun and wearing all black in the day but try to break up your all black look. Whether it be the addition of colors or wearing jewelry to compliment your look or adding textures; there has to be something which will add some "spice" to your outfit. As you can see in my look, I have decided to wear ripped jeans, the black shirt is a graphic tee, I've added grey shoes and a throw over for variety. Guys MUST be careful with all black because one may end up looking like a bouncer or a security guard or an undertaker. 

I have found it useful explore black with gold jewelry in the night to add spice but class. Black is also good when paired with almost any colour! My favourites are grey, white, blue and recently mustard!

Here's my ALL BLACK school look!


So with this outfit, I was really inspired by a T-Shirt which I received from a friend as a souvenir from her visit to Cuba. On this shirt was Che's image with his name, in silvery grey. I LOVED it. 

T-Shirt: Cuban Gift Shop

Jeans: HM (DIY rip) 

Chambray Shirt: Paper Denim and Cloth

Shoes: Old Navy

Watch: Movado

Bracelet: Aldo

You can get any of these pieces online or a style equivalent in a local clothing store. I hope you liked this look! Let me know what you think! Like. Comment. Subscribe and Share! 

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