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It's back to school time again for the college/university students among us and at the beginning of the school year, along with good grades and extra curricular involvement most people try to "amp up" their style. So I've decided to do a three part series: Campus Life Style where I'll feature some style ideas for back to school looks which are wearable and unique. My last in the series will actually feature what I will be wearing on my first day of law school, so look out for that.

The campus wardrobe upgrade is often problematic. You don't want to be a repeat offender (which is perfectly fine to me unless your parents own H&M or a clothing store), or you don't want to be that guy dressed in a white t shirt and shorts every single day. My  number one concern in college style was functionality and appropriateness. In the Caribbean this is a big issue because we're not a people who like to "dress up" unless it's an event and we don't have seasons so it's almost summer everyday! Yes girls, you would love to wear your favourite "everyday" heels but the long trek across campus to your food spot is frightening. Guys, your dilemma is the appropriateness of your outfits: you want more than T-Shirt and Jeans but less than Office/Clubwear.  I once faced this dilemma and decided to mix two styles, preppy and casual, here's how! 

The merge of preppy and casual allows room for style which is appropriate for school while allowing comfort which is necessary for school. You can pair a cardigan with a T-Shirt which ensures that you don't look too "dressed up" for school and its diversity ensures that you're comfortable. How? If you wear a cardigan with a T-Shirt, in the library or lecture theatre, if it's too cold you'll be that person who has it all covered! You can then take off your sweater/cardigan when it's time to walk in the blazing sun to your next class or to the food spot. 

Anyway, enough about the textbook part of styling. Here's the practical! For this look, I'm wearing a long sleeved sweater vest with a white buttoned-up shirt, a pair of ripped jeans, shoes, my favourite watch and a bracelet. GIRLS: You could wear a very well tailored oxford shirt and a pair of jeans and a pair of loafers. OR you could also wear a the female version to my look with white converses for a little "edge" .The brands will be listed below!

Points to Note: 

1. The "under-shirt" does not have to be long sleeved. as a matter of fact, if you're willing to wear the sweater all day, you can go without the additional shirt. I utilized the shirt to show that you can remove and add layers as you'd like or as you deem appropriate. 

2. I used a ripped/distressed denim bottom because I thought it still looked too dressy if I wore full blue jeans or even chinos. I wanted a little edge and so I thought the jeans would be a good place to add this edge and I thought it turned out to be a good idea. 

3. A full sweater vest as I stated is not the only option. You could wear an open cardigan as well. 

4. The shoe could be anything really. From a neutral blue pair of Sperrys to a pair of white converses but I chose my favourite red Toms (which are beginning to fade. DIY coming soon!)

5. If you have a bigger frame you may want to consider no stripes, and if you do add stripes: vertical. Horizontal stripes makes us look wider than we actually are or rather accentuates our width. 

6. If the preppy casual look doesn't fit your aesthetic or style....I'm sure I'll have something for you next week!

Here's my casual x preppy look! 


White Buttoned Shirt: Pacewear 

Red and Blue Sweater: H&M

Distressed Jeans: Hollister 

Shoes: TOMS 

Watch: Movado 

Bracelet: Aldo

You can get any of these pieces online or a style equivalent in a local clothing store. I hope you liked this look! Let me know what you think! Like. Comment. Subscribe and Share! 

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