Adam and Eve Fashion Editorial: The Creation

More often that not we find ourselves longing to do something different, something creative that pushes boundaries. However, with a plethora of excuses stemming from first class self doubt, we never get it done. Well, on a beautiful summer morning in Bridgetown, Barbados four friends, Rushane, Rosalie, Jeneice and Christopher, embarked on a project which was not only fun but CREATED art, the story of Adam and Eve:The Creation. The simplicity of black and white along with flora and good lighting created something beautiful which has been appreciated by many.

Why Adam and Eve? There was a noticeable trend of double/twin/partner shoots and we thought that it would be a great idea to do an Afrocentric twin shoot. That's the rationale behind similar outfits. However it went into the realm of "Adam and Eve" with the introduction of flowers and leaves and a little "romance". We could never be twins!

I HAD to share with you! Here are some of my favourites!  Enjoy!  

1 & 2: Adam and Eve in the Garden

3 & 4: Adam and Eve's Interaction with Each Other

5: Adam and Eve "Hiding from God"

Styling & Male Model: Yours Truly

Female Model: Jeneice (@jensainty)

Photographer: Rosalie (@rosesaintred)

Creative Dir & Assistant: Christopher (@kingcristovao)