Reggae Falls: More Than A Melody!

Hey Guys! 

It's another Monday and that means -drumroll- another blog post! This summer was nothing short of amazing with adventures all over the country, from Kingston to Montego Bay, St. Elizabeth to Ocho Rios, or even a trip to Portland and that was because we had all the time in the world. Now that we're done with summer and it's time to start "adulting" again, it's not as easy to hop, skip and jump all over the country and do things.  

Also, some of my very good friends celebrate their birthdays in September or in the midst of school or at some time which is ...truly convenient. The issue is: Where can we go....which is not INCONVENIENT? Inconvenience= Long Journeys, Payment of Tolls, Exorbitant entrance fees to attraction. Reggae Falls is my pick for the month! (GO THIS WEEKEND AND GET OVER THE STUPID MONDAY BLUES) 

What is Reggae Falls? Reggae Falls (also known as Damhead) is an attraction in St. Thomas, Jamaica and is approximately 1 hour and 32 minutes from Harbour View (which is close to the Norman Manley International Airport). It is not the typical tourist attraction however. It's called "Damhead" because it is LITERALLY a former dam and hydro-electric station but it has transformed into scenic falls with a larger river bed.

You may be able to drive through the river bed with a four wheel drive and park, have a nice picnic, beer and then take a splash! If you don't have a four wheel drive, there's an area in which you can park and then take a little hike to the river bed. Once you're there, time freezes (like the water) and you're caught up in the "River Daze". 



-No Cost for Entry

-BEST crystal clear water x Rest and Relaxation 101

-Relatively Close to Kingston x No Toll 


X  At a certain point in time, the asphalt ends (ie: BAD ROAD) 

X  Lack of signage (but google maps can assist you) 

X   It's a one attraction spot. There is literally nothing else to do, no restaurants, nothing. (therefore, walk with your food)

X NONE of the photos you'll ever see will give you a true representation of how beautiful and amazing it is

Don't let your internal islander DIE! Go explore! 

Thanks for reading! If you haven't been to Reggae Falls...GO! If you've been to Reggae Falls, tell me what you think!