My First Date with Negril, Jamaica

Hey Guys!

I’ve been a Jamaican for 8212.5 days, 197,100 hours, 709560000 seconds and before August 20, 2016, I’d never been to Negril. It was so strange to my friends that they thought “Maybe when you get there you’ll say OHHHH I’ve been here before!” But no, with Negril, once you go you know! So, my friend Tahirah insisted that I meet her beautiful friend called "Negril"  and certainly because of the internet, this would not be a blind date but I had to see if she was as beautiful in person as she was on IG. Here’s a break down of: the Journey, the Food, the Adventures, Money and Overall Experience! 

The Journey

If you know me, you know I just C A N N O T do the early morning road trips! My personality doesn't chip in until probably....10 am. Anyway, we left Kingston at 7:45 am and 4.5 hours later we arrived in Negril! We drove along the South Coast which was great for me, we got to drive through the Bamboo Avenue, buy shrimp in Little Ochi, stop at the fruit stalls and enjoy Mandeville's built in air conditioning! I'm glad we took that route because I'm not as familiar with the South Coast (yes, we got lost) ***Special shout out to the man who asked us to carry two of his passengers to Negril with us..Jamaicans are the best***

Is this it? 

So, we arrived in Negril and the first question I asked was....WAS THIS WORTH THE JOURNEY? The town screamed "Tourism Industry" but I wasn't sure this was IT for me. It was the perfect example of having expectations that were just too high. Most places were still closed, even shops and stalls and the town was interestingly....quiet. Nonetheless, we were determined to have a good time, first stop: Margaritaville! 


IMG_20160821_133559 (1).jpg

Located along the Seven Mile Beach, Margaritaville was all I could have asked for and so much more. White sand beaches, great cocktails, food and..... high prices. WHY DIDNT ANYONE TELL ME EVERYTHING WAS QUOTED IN US? Now, I don't mean to be cheap but, Jamaica's dollar is sliding faster than a drunk teenager at a wet and wild party! That was the only downfall for me but it wasn't that serious....the beach was GREAT (thank you God), the staff not so great but I think that's just because customer service isn't the BEST here in Ja. 


I noticed three things in Negril: 1. Everyone wanted to sell me a green bush that rhymes with tarilawna 2. Once we left Kingston, most people used an accent with me (assuming I was not Jamaican) 3. They attempted to overprice things until they heard that I was a local...anyway, at this point it began to rain so on to the Next Stop...Rick's Cafe

Rick's Cafe 

I'll make this simple, you're supposed to jump....I did not jump, I barely went in, I'll try another time! LMAO (by the way, Rick's Cafe is free...go!) My friend Chris said that they saw dolphins swimming in the distance but I was so caught up with being afraid of jumping that I didn't realize. Honestly a great experience though. 


If you want a fun ride to the other side of the island, the thrill of diving into the ocean and white sand beaches...Negril's the place for you! 

Enough talking. Let's rate

Food&Drink Options: 7/10    (Highlight: Carry home glass from Margaritaville and Food Options, Disappointment: Most places weren't open at 3 when we were ready to have lunch)

Prices:    Affordable in US, Expensive when converted to Jamaican 

Must Go: Rick's Cafe...I should have also gone to Rockhouse also

Overall Experience: 7.8/10 (Highlight: The Beach + Margaritaville, Journey with friends, Disappointment: Limited Options for Daytime Entertainment) 

SHOUT OUT TO: The man who sold us a wicked CD to play on the way home for $100 (<$US 1.00)

Thanks for reading my first Island Guide! If you've ever been to Negril, share and let me know if you agree or disagree, if you haven't been..GO!