5 Must Haves For A Laid-Back Weekend

Hey Readers! 

This weekend was one of the most anticipated weekends for me for one reason: it had 4 days instead of 3! We had a public holiday! Finally, I had the chance to enjoy some well needed rest and relaxation, and that I did. I went on an excursion with a couple friends into the hills of Jamaica (Serendipity Holistic Resort) and it was AMAZING! But I faced a dilemma ....I didn't want to "dress up", I didn't want to "overdo", I just wanted to be comfortable but stylish for a laid-back weekend! So here are 5 Style Tips for a Laid-Back Weekend! 

1. Resurrect Those Sandals! 

Nothing says 'laid-back' like a pair of sandals! You've been wearing shoes 24-7 for school or work and finally, you have a weekend to just relax. Untie your laces, remove your shoes and find a pair of sandals (provided you've given the necessary attention to your toes). Now, there are so many styles in the world which could cater to you, flip flops? Jesus sandals? simple leather sandals? It doesn't matter really. 

2. Get a Weekend/CarryAll Bag! 

Men often shy away from the "man bag" but let's think: Why does someone need a bag? You can throw your entire life into it and press along with your day! Sunscreen, Towel, Swim Shorts, Sunglasses, Beers, and even your house. That's exactly what you need for a laid back weekend. It gives you the resort wear style while serving as an efficient and purposeful accessory! You could do the vacation style bag as seen below, or you could be more urban and sport an athletic bag, whichever you choose, it's a good idea! 

3. Unbutton It! 

UNBUTTON It! ...Your shirt! 

Button #1`: Necessary when you're wearing a tie! This is the weekend! No ties here! Unbutton it! 

Button #2: We usually keep this buttoned to show a sense of professionalism and to keep our shirts  looking neat and well kept! This is the weekend! The only professional you'll be is a professional beach goer, drinker or sleeper! Unbutton it! 

Button #3: This is for 100% "laid-backness" and if you really want to look cool! However this has to be determined on the type of shirt or where you'll be or your chest (or lack thereof =me). It depends on so many things but hey, take the risk! ..Unbutton It! 

4. Roll Up Those Sleeves! 

You must be wondering why I'd even contemplate long sleeved shirts with a laid-back weekend right? But this is a style blog afterall and when you're out you never know who you'll meet! So, wear the long sleeved shirt, something simple, not too dressy, roll up those sleeves, spray your best cologne, wear your favourite watch! Style x Casual so that you look good and feel good! Remember, Two-Three Folds will be sufficient, it shouldn't pass your elbow or be too close to your wrist, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE! 

5. Be Comfortable! 

Not withstanding points 1-4, it's a laid back weekend! BE COMFORTABLE! I never wear slacks and this weekend I wore khakis! I knew I'd be comfortable and that I was! Yes, we wanna look great but it's your only chance to relax so ensure clothes don't get in the way of that comfort! Ladies, no painful heels or  tight and uncomfortable dresses; Gentlemen, no tight pants which you can't move in or stifling shirts! Be COMFORTABLE! 


Shirt: Hollister

Belt: Fossil

Khakis: Dockers

Shorts: H and M

Flip Flops: American Eagle

Bag: Polo Ralph Lauren

Location: http://www.serendipityholisticresort.com/ 

Thanks SO MUCH for reading! I hope you enjoyed your weekend as well! Let me know what you think about this outfit or if you have any other tips on casual weekend wear! See you around! 

-Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up.